We strongly encourage you to read the relevant product disclosure statements ('PDS') or other offer document prior to making an investment decision about a financial product.


All Product Disclosure Statements or offer documents within Prestige Wealth Management's approved product list are available free of charge by following the appropriate links below.

You can also obtain a hard copy or digital copy of the listed Product Disclosure Statements or by contacting our office directly on (07) 5531 3644. 

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Asgard Infinity eWrap Superannuation & Pension (closed to new clients)

Asgard eWrap Open Superannuation & Pension 

MLC MasterKey Super & Pension Fundamentals

Colonial First State First Choice Wholesale Personal Super & Pension

Macquarie Manager 2 Superannuation & Pension 

Macquarie Super Accumulator (closed to new clients) 

Macquarie Pension Mananger (closed to new clients) 

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Asgard Infinity eWrap Investment (closed to new clients)

Asgard eWrap Open Investment

Colonial First State First Choice Wholesale Investments

MLC MasterKey Investment Service

Macquarie Cash Management Account

Macquarie Cash Management Account - Information Guide

Macquarie Cash Management Account - Limits & Lodgement Times

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AIA Priority Protection

Asteron Life Complete

BT Protection Plans

MLC Insurance & Insurance (Super)

MLC Personal Protection Portfolio & Life Cover Super

OnePath OneCare

TAL Accelerated Protection

Zurich Wealth Protection

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Leveraged Equities Investment Funds Multiplier