Brendan McAllister and Lisa Kirk are authorised representatives (AR318424 and AR1004668) of Prestige Wealth Management Pty Ltd.
ABN: 93 409 856 975    AFSL: 478891

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Based in the heart of the Gold Coast, Prestige Wealth Management is a locally owned financial planning business, truly unique in our approach to financial advice. 

Our financial advisers are a trusted sounding board for your goals, aspirations and ambitions, working together with you to implement a strategy which will work to assist you through every chapter of your life - so you don't have to.

Our relationships are built on trust, honest communication and integrity. Leading to outcomes that last a lifetime and create a legacy along the way. 

At Prestige Wealth Management, we operate under our own Australian Financial Securities Licence (AFSL).

We are a privately owned Financial Planning business. Thankfully, this provides us with the freedom to conduct our own thorough research for all of our investment platforms. 

You can rest assured, we will only present you with recommendations that are truly in your best interest. 

You've been earning a solid income for a number of years now, but you don't know where it's really going...

You may feel it's time to get on top of

things and get serious. Maybe you are 

thinking of having children, or you already have young kids... either way your life is about to change and you need to start planning for your future.


You're weekends are gone and more than likely tied up with kids sport, activities, driving them from one commitment to the next... not to mention everything in between!

Between the kids, work and the rest of it all, you haven't found the time to sit down and think about the future... but you realise now more than ever, that time is travelling by way too quickly...


The kids have flown the coop, but that doesn't mean that they are off your hands all together. You may be finding yourself thinking about when you want to stop working? Is there a right time?


You have an idea what your retirement looks like and want to make sure the assets you've worked so hard to build over your working life can deliver it.  


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